Exciting news for the fans of CoD

Hi everyone! One of our top games - Clash of Diamonds got a major update! We have just added fresh epic maps - new campaign with 100 levels for you to enjoy!

The wait is over!

Breaking news, everyone! This week we are celebrating the release of our kick-ass map for Curse of the Pharaoh. The newly improved map is so detailed it's hard to get your eyes of!

Candylicious News!

we are happy to share updates on our brand new sugary sweet game - Candy Legend: Sugar Shooter.
Our artists have just finished working on a set of appetizing maps.

World Trail Road Trip updates

Fellow bikers! We're back with another update - new addition to the backgrounds of the Word Trail Road Trip - jungles and Maya pyramids

Breaking news, everyone!

The wait is over! This week we are celebrating the release of our kick-ass map for Arabian Nights. The newly improved map is so detailed it's hard to get your eyes of!

Big update on Deep Dive Ship Game

Hi all! Deep Dive Ship Game now loaded with new content.
Feast your eyes upon the vast expanses of the mystic underwater world, gold, castles and treasures of Atlantis in combination with underwater bases and ruins.

Curse of the Pharaoh

Hey there Egypt explorers and curse fighters! Jolly news for our fans - more incredible elements straight from ancient Egypt are now enriching our campaign selection screen - Egyptian stones!

Let the magic begin!

We've kept you waiting for long enough! New Main menu and Selection screen for the Ghost Caste Wizards:Match 3 are welcoming you into the game now!
Help out the great wizard with brewing potions, transfer them around the world, fight the ghosts and evil wizards!

Get ready, here we come!

Woohoo! The exciting new episodes of Alien Assault are here! Take a trip to the magnificent planet Gloria 6 and fight the invasion of spine-chilling aliens.

New adventures are here!

Pack your cloaks and magic wands, cause we're going on an adventure! We have just received a map for Ghost Castle Wizards: Match 3 and it looks promising and intriguing!

New game, new theme!

Hey everyone! we'd like to check in and announce the start of our new project called Ghost Castle Wizards: Match3! And the story begins with 6 magical potions...

It starts!

And the great tale of the cursed pharaoh begins! Ingame elements are ready and the building of a the new world starts at 3.. 2.. 1..!

Finishing touches!

Hooray! Just a few adjustments and we'll lunch the game! Maps and logo are ready for the party!

Neutralizing bugzzz

  • White screen while loading on some browsers - fixed.
  • Server stops to send updates to client in some cases - fixed.
  • Ghost tomatos after picking them up - fixed.
  • Anoying screen refresh in IE - fixed.
  • Same achievements gained twice - fixed.
  • When one server is shutting down, user is not redirected to another server - fixed.
  • Play using one account through different browsers at the same time - fixed.
  • Win screen increased with the font size.

New sounds.

To make the fight more alive we added some sounds to the game. Take a look for yourselves :). When you hear an annoying beeping sound, beware, that's locust munching on your vegies. You should take an immediate action.

What's up with TNT?

Click on dinamite on the main screen to check your position in rating.
There are 4 ladders Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold, in each ladder players will be devided in divisions. We just integrated a rating system, that will be used in matching players to make sure you are playing with an opponent of your skill level.

Skills tooltip in market.

Like we promised in the previouse update, here is the skills description, that can be accessed by clicking on the "Question mark" on top of each skill.
Added a level indicator for skills and updated all buttons to be more intuitive.
In addition some minor bug fixes. The time has come to clear them all. :)

Market updated.

Now by clicking on the suspicious guy you will be able to see, buy and upgrade everything he has to offer. In the next update we will add skills description with all basic information you need to know about items you own or want to purchase.
It turned a bit dark, but stylish.

Main market page.

Now you have access to the Market page, take a sneak peak. The suspicious guy is a veggie dealer. On the right is the wagon with goods for your villa, but it will stay closed behind the curtains for a while.

Landscape Design.

The concept of new Landscape Design has been approved and we started to work on it. Players will be able unlock special items on the battlefield and use them in their villa design, to get more bonuses or simply enjoy the new look. Getting friends thumbs up is also a nice addition.

Skill balance and level system.

We balanced skills and made a level system, based on experience. Every level now unlocks a special skills, that you can purchase to improve your strategy.

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